Dog Walkers in Mirfield

Dog Walking Services

Work commitments, family demands, illness or mobility issues are all reasons you may like to use our dog-walking service, meaning your beloved pet is getting the exercise and interaction He or She needs.

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Local, Friendly Dog Walkers in Mirfield

We are local, friendly, dedicated and love dogs.

We want to make each walk the highlight of your dog’s day, giving them a chance to play, socialise and explore new sights and smells.

Exciting Places

We always walk in exciting places for your dog – woods or fields where they can really explore.

Happy and Tired

They will be returned home happy and tired. We also provide fresh water, treats and towel your dog off before returning home.

Tailored to Your Dog

We will tailor each walk to your dog’s needs and reinforce any training regime or specific routine that you have for them.

Group Walks

If it is possible to group-walk, doggy pals will be carefully matched in terms of age, size and suitability. Dogs will never be walked together if there are any signs they do not get on and there will never be more than 4 dogs on a walk.

Respect For Your Home

We always remove muddy boots or wear shoe covers when we collect your dog, and your pet will get a good towel down before we let them back in. If you have any other specific requirements about your home, then please feel free to let us know.

Regular Updates

We post updates on both our Facebook and Instagram pages and will email you with pictures and messages to keep you informed.

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Tailored to your needs.

We tailor walks to your needs depending on the age of your dog, their energy level and how long they are likely to be alone.

1 Hour Dog Walks in Mirfield

1 Hour & Half Hour

We can offer both 1 hour and half hour walks. We recommend our shorter walks for younger pups or elderly dog customers.

2 x Half Hour Dog Walks in Mirfield

2 x Half Hour Walks

We can also offer two half hour walks, for example, one at 10AM and another at 2PM. This is great for those working longer days and shifts.

Evening Dog Walks in Mirfield

Evening Walks

Working a shift and won't get home till late? Our evening walks are a great way to ensure your dog still gets their vital exercise.

Book a Dog Visit in Mirfield

Book an introductory visit.

We will need to meet with you and your dog beforehand in order make sure you are both comfortable with us, and to explain our service and what to expect.

We can run through any special requirements your pooch may have and there’s a small amount of paperwork for us to do too, so that we have vets details, etc. beforehand.

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